[Novice 6-inch chiffon cake novice practice]_ 6-inch chiffon cake homemade practice _ novice 6-inch chiffon cake approach Daquan _ novice 6-inch chiffon cake how to do

[The practice of novice 6-inch Qifeng cake]_Novice 6-inch Qifeng cake’s common practice_Novice 6-inch Qifeng cake’s practice Daquan_Novice 6-inch Qifeng cake how to make

Eating is easy, just open your mouth and chew on it.

But the food eat well, it is difficult, at least some people can not do.

Why is there such a situation?

Because they do not have a good method.

Today, Xiaobian came to teach everyone about the novice 6-inch Qifeng cake approach.


Pass the protein first!

There are three stages, 1.

Beat with a whisk until it is foaming, add supplementary sugar, and continue to beat.


After passing until it is more delicate, add a second sugar and continue to beat.

3. I feel that sometimes I add a third sugar.

Until you hit the bottom of the eggbeater as shown below, there are small spikes.


Break up 3 egg yolks!

Be careful, don’t use the whisk to beat or stir!


21 Add sugar separately and break up; lemon juice (if not available), break up; milk, corn oil.

Finally sieve into low-gluten flour.

Use a rubber spatula to stir from bottom to top like a wok.


Add the egg yolk protein after ovulation Stir down pots, all poured into the pot stir protein.


Casting 6-inch mold.

Bump it down out of the air.


12 long Emperor CK25B, middle and lower, 13
5, and down the fire, one hour.


21 released!

Some cracks?


Let cool upside down?

After cooling down, use a knife to make a circle around the cake ~~~ 10.

You’re done!


To a bar!

?O (∩_∩) O?

Cake decorated for the first time?
Want to put too much stuff, and finally, the less, the better!
Cashew nuts crushed 14.

No strawberries.


Still strawberries look good, everyone have any good cake inlay style to communicate it!

The novice 6-inch Qifeng cake needs to be carefully crafted, but in fact, you must take the steps to create the most special flavor through your careful creation.