[How to tear roast rabbit by hand]_ roast rabbit _ how to do _ how to do

[How to tear roast rabbit by hand]_ roast rabbit _ how to do _ how to do

Tear-roasted rabbit is a famous Sichuan snack. Choose the right size meat rabbit, and then marinate it with the carefully prepared juice.

Roasting rabbits is similar to other grilling steps, except that it is a whole roast, so the process is longer. At the same time, the meat of the rabbit’s representative part is thick and thin. Pay attention to the fire when roasting to avoid roastingImpervious or excessive.

As the saying goes, “A bird is like a bird, a beast is like a rabbit.”

Rabbit meat includes rabbit meat and hare meat. Rabbit meat is also called vegetable rabbit meat.

Rabbit meat has a cool and sweet flavor and is well-known in the international market. It is called “healthy meat”, “beauty meat”, “baiwei meat” and so on.

It tastes better every year from late autumn to late winter, and is an ideal meat for obese people and cardiovascular patients.

Rabbit meat is a high-protein, low-feces, low-intake meat, delicate size, delicious taste, rich in nutrition, compared with other meats, has a high digestibility (up to 85%), and is easily to be eaten after eating.Digestion and absorption, which is not found in other meats, so rabbit meat is extremely popular with consumers.

Ingredients salad oil, green pepper, dried pepper, fragrant leaves, cumin, salt, monosodium glutamate. Method and recipe for hand-torn roast rabbits 1. Initial processing: After washing the rabbits, remove the internal organs and blood stains, rinse 2hour.

2, pickled: green pepper, celery, carrot, parsley chopped.

Rinse the rabbit with salt, MSG, cumin, paprika, rosemary, green pepper, celery, coriander, minced carrots, add oyster sauce, white wine and marinate for 8 hours to taste, remove the rabbit, remove the marinated from abovematerial.
3. Stir-fry spices: Heat salad oil in the pot, add green pepper, dried pepper, fragrant leaves, cumin and stir-fry until use.

4. Baking: Put the pickled ingredients and fried spices into the rabbit’s belly together, seal it with thin iron wire, and hang it upside down in the oven (such as the small picture, in order to prevent the spices in the rabbit belly from leaking out, bakeThe temperature of the oven is maintained at about 120 degrees.) Bake it out for about an hour, and then brush the oil with the spices to serve.

To make a key rabbit, hang it upside down in the oven to prevent the seasonings from falling out.

You can also bake in the oven: the temperature is adjusted to about 180 degrees, and it can be baked for 40 minutes per second (a small amount of vegetable water is required in the baking pan, and an oil is applied to the rabbit to prevent it from drying).